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Google Flights on mobile
1 Feb 2018
Search engine uses machine learning to deliver warnings
25 Apr 2017
BBT looks at how the ‘bot’ revolution is starting to impact on the business travel community
27 Jan 2017
As the UK government pledges to be a ‘world leader’ in 5G, BBT explores how the travel industry stands to benefit from the next generation of ultra-fast mobile data speeds.
22 Sep 2016
Download entire trips to use offline
Uber app
1 Sep 2016
Tech giant using its Waze app to offer carpooling service
10 Jun 2016
VR is tipped to go mainstream in 2016 – but could it become a serious buyers’ tool?
Ryanair aircraft
13 May 2016
Airline says ads are misleading consumers
13 Nov 2015
Airline executive says carriers could end up contracting out flight operations
5 Nov 2015
Airline’s move will allow direct bookings from search engine
British Airways and Avios unveil Apple Watch apps
16 Oct 2015
Calling all travel professionals: what role could or should wearable technology play in business travel?
Ryanair aircraft
7 Oct 2015
Airline claims sites such as Edreams mislead passengers resulting in higher costs
30 Sep 2015
Google Cardboard allows booking agents to view the inside of a B777 using an app
13 Jul 2015
Travellers can book some hotels through Google search without leaving the site
Anna Chomse, Google
21 Apr 2015
Corporate travel industry needs to “get good” at mobile services
25 Feb 2015
Internet search company reveals latest developments for its travellers
5 Aug 2014
Wearable technology used to offer guests information on their travel plans
8 Jul 2014
Etihad Airways has announced a partnership with Google to display the airline’s flight schedules and fares on the search engine’s flight search tool.
17 May 2014
Google's head of travel says there's an opportunity for the industry to make better use of data
15 May 2014
Travel organising tool will be accessible through hi-tech glasses
21 Sep 2013
How will the search giant’s latest experiment affect the world of business travel?