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Green aviation

Green technology - travel suppliers need to do more to improve sustainability
19 Jan 2018
We travel buyers can only do so much – then sustainability has to be down to suppliers…
Cote D'Azur Airports
28 Nov 2014
French airports group takes major step to becoming carbon neutral
1 Jun 2011
With climate change back in the spotlight, Bob Papworth identifies the advantages of a greener travel policy
12 Feb 2010
Technology will ensure a greener future for aviation, not biofuels, said David Kennedy, CEO of the Committee on Climate Change.
1 Jun 2009
Will the green issues we appeared to be so passionate about at the turn of the millennium suffer in tomorrow's world, asks Bob Papworth
1 Oct 2008
Tim Gresty makes the case for why air travel can be as green as high-speed rail for UK and near-Europe travel