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Guild of Travel Management Companies (GTMC)

Iain Stewart MP
10 Nov 2016
Oxford Economics predicts a shift in economic power and influence
1 Nov 2016
The GTMC has announced Best Western Hotels Great
30 Sep 2016
Hotel consolidation is currently very much in the news, raising the question: big may be better– but for who?
2 Sep 2016
Post-Brexit, politicians must convince the public the UK is still open for business, and infrastructure could be key to doing this
1 Sep 2016
Hull-based TMC preparing to rebrand in the UK
Travel agent booking air tickets
12 Jul 2016
A recent court case highlights the need for clarity on both sides of the business travel equation...
21 Jun 2016
GTMC study shows shared economy providers can’t compete on safety
9 Jun 2016
GTMC members record strong growth in first quarter of 2016
7 Jun 2016
Brexit or Bremain - what the result of June 23 will mean for business travel
24 May 2016
TMC wins GTMC/Travelport award for ‘CMT Smart’ technology
Marriott Marco Island Resort, Florida
20 May 2016
Research by Audiencenet shows that despite business travellers being conservative in their hotel choices, TMCs and buyers must tackle a strong preference for direct bookings.
18 May 2016
Study unveiled at annual conference shows importance of travel to ‘UK plc’
3 May 2016
Theme for this year’s event in Florida is ‘the true cost of business travel’
7 Apr 2016
The Flying Scotsman is back – but will trains ever get up to speed for business travel?
11 Mar 2016
French hotel company becomes latest member of business travel group
10 Mar 2016
GTMC/Travelport awards rewards companies for innovation in travel technology
9 Mar 2016
Competition body wants train companies to compete on same routes
7 Mar 2016
GTMC CEO Paul Wait argues that the controversial GDS fee is causing confusing and alienating the market
24 Feb 2016
GTMC ‘concerned’ about low level of travel to emerging economies
19 Feb 2016
GTMC says ‘no coincidence’ Grand Central and Hull Trains score highly