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High Speed Two

Adrian Parkes, CEO of GTMC
23 Mar 2018
GTMC welcomes positive developments on the rail network. Let’s continue to lobby for business travellers’ needs
4 Jan 2014
Elections, referendums, HS2...2014 going to be a bumpy ride predicts GTMC adviser and lobbyist Gareth Morgan
13 Dec 2013
Members of Transport Committee support high-speed rail project
25 Nov 2013
Construction of first phase of line could start by 2016 if plans are approved
22 Nov 2013
MPs will put costs and benefits of rail project under the spotlight
7 Nov 2013
Will Labour change its position on the High Speed 2 rail project?
4 Nov 2013
UK government also wants to increase benefits of HS2 for Scotland
29 Oct 2013
New report highlights impact of not going ahead with high-speed rail project
28 Oct 2013
PM says rail project needs to have all-party support
30 Sep 2013
McLoughlin attacks London-based opponents of rail project
24 Sep 2013
Shadow chancellor questions “spiralling” costs of rail project
20 Sep 2013
Project’s leader admits it may consider stopping line before it reaches Euston
11 Sep 2013
Report by KPMG lays out benefits of controversial rail project
9 Sep 2013
Rail scheme is attacked by House of Commons committee
Chancellor George Osborne
2 Sep 2013
Chancellor says rail project will boost the north and Midlands
27 Aug 2013
Rail project is “waste of money” says leading business group
22 Aug 2013
Controversial rail project could cost less than current £42.6 million budget
19 Aug 2013
Think tank calls for high-speed rail project to be scrapped
24 Jul 2013
Government vows to press ahead with controversial rail project
27 Jun 2013
Attempt to block high-speed rail line is defeated in Parliament