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Virgin Trains West Coast
27 Mar 2018
West Coast Partnership will include current network and new HS2 line
The NIC has said the government needs to make 'urgent' decisions on several major infrastructure projects, including a third runway at Heathrow
16 Feb 2018
NIC says 'urgent action' needed for UK's future
HS2 Euston station
15 Jan 2018
Contract for Network Rail also uncertain
HS2 Euston station
2 Nov 2017
Bidders stand chance at £2.75 billion contract
HS2 Euston station
27 Aug 2017
HS2 is being sold to us as a high-speed line, but is that what we are getting?
HS2 Euston station
18 Jul 2017
Second part of high-speed line is set for completion in 2033
Conservative 2017 manifesto
18 May 2017
Party says it will spend £40 billion to improve UK transport infrastructure
HS2 Euston station
20 Feb 2017
Think tank warns the high-speed rail link could run billions of pounds over budget
HS2 Euston station
20 Jan 2017
Department for transport inviting bids for the £2.75 billion contract
HS2 Euston station
15 Nov 2016
High-speed second phase routes unveiled, although decision on Sheffield delayed
Iain Stewart MP
10 Nov 2016
Oxford Economics predicts a shift in economic power and influence
4 Nov 2016
‘West Coast Partnership’ will be responsible for services on the line and running HS2 from 2026
HS2 Euston station
12 Oct 2016
Transport secretary commits £70m for local communities affected by the scheme
HS2 would link London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds
14 Sep 2016
Public Accounts Committee says 'uncertainty remains' over delivery of high-speed rail link
HS2 Euston station
12 Sep 2016
Stop HS2 campaign group says departure is a 'serious blow' to those that champion project
2 Sep 2016
Post-Brexit, politicians must convince the public the UK is still open for business, and infrastructure could be key to doing this
HS2 Euston station
29 Jul 2016
Taxpayers Alliance says the business case has ‘fallen apart’
18 Jul 2016
Chris Grayling says government has no plans to scrap £56bn link
Andrea Leadsom
10 Jul 2016
Tory leadership contender wants to see if rail project offers “best value” for money
HS2 Euston station
28 Jun 2016
National Audit Office says £56bn programme is too ambitious