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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019


20 Sep 2016
Delta makes $6.2bn in extras such as in-flight meals and seat selection
29 Oct 2013
Research shows that revenue from add-ons has nearly doubled in three years
1 Jun 2011
US legacy airlines topped the charts in terms of revenue earned from ancillary sales in 2010
23 Jul 2010
Global sales of paid-for airline extras, such as checked-in baggage, food and drink, increased by €3.32 billion in 2009, to €11 billion.
10 Dec 2009
In just three years, ancillary charges have enjoyed a meteoric rise as a source of income for American carriers. Some estimates say they bring in an incredible €7.68bn a year. So far this has been largely a US phenomenon but there is a growing belief that European airlines will increasingly  adopt them. What will this mean for buyers?