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International Air Transport Association (IATA)

IATA says passenger demand is boosting revenue growth in the airline industry
12 Jan 2018
Global revenue, traffic increases year on year
German passport
9 Jan 2018
Citizens have visa-free access to 177 countries
28 Dec 2017
Tech firm says it has reached an “important milestone” in NDC process
IATA calls for strengthening of airline security
15 Nov 2017
CEO says governments should work together
Analysis: The hidden cost of flying
6 Sep 2017
Carriers achieve a new record but growth in air travel is “moderating”
Airport queue
29 Aug 2017
Aviation groups criticise “chaotic” introduction of enhanced immigration checks
Laptop on aircraft
6 Jun 2017
Aviation body wants to see “more intense screening” at airport gates
7 Apr 2017
While travel policymakers remain vigilant, premium air travel revenues are growing. BBT deciphers the mixed messages from the front of the plane...
31 Mar 2017
BBT’s mystery buyer is frustrated over the widespread unbundling of flight fares
NDC: Top tips for buyers
1 Mar 2017
Valuable virtual information is increasingly vulnerable to cybercriminals, and businesses have to step up their game to stay protected
17 Feb 2017
The GDS: a once magnificent beast could be on its way out
30 Jan 2017
US clampdown on immigration came into force over the weekend
12 Jan 2017
Aviation body warns “uncertainty lies ahead”
8 Dec 2016
IATA predicts net profits for airlines globally to drop 16%
30 Sep 2016
Data from IATA shows alcohol and drug use in 23% of incidents last year
6 Sep 2016
As the dust from the EU referendum continues to settle, BBT asks what the result means for the industry
5 Aug 2016
European airlines suffering from "negative impact" of terrorist attacks
7 Jul 2016
Association boss urges that any UK-EU deal should not damage air connectivity
24 Jun 2016
For many, the golden era of frequent-flyer benefits is over – with implications for business travellers and their managers