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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

International SOS

Female business traveller in a hotel
17 Jul 2018
Only 19 per cent of organisations implement checks
International SOS logo
14 Jun 2018
Desks provide local support in security situations
Man praying during Ramadan
9 May 2018
With Ramadan due to begin soon, International SOS reminds travellers going on business trips to Muslim countries to be mindful of certain public and business etiquette tips
NGO travel
13 Mar 2018
More travellers seeking support than 10 years ago
Rocketrip logo
1 Dec 2017
Platform links with International SOS
The International SOS Travel Risk Map
16 Nov 2017
Organisations believe travel risk has increased
Business travel risk is on the rise
18 Oct 2017
Risk managers' responsibilities growing
Security eye
15 Jun 2017
Report calls on companies to review and update travel risk strategies
22 Mar 2017
This week both the US and UK issued a ban on large electronic items in hand luggage on flights from certain countries...
20 Feb 2017
International SOS study shows security incidents impacted business continuity
IATA calls for strengthening of airline security
18 Nov 2016
Study shows more than 70% believe travelling has become more dangerous
29 Sep 2016
British Standards Institute develops code with International SOS
22 Sep 2016
Due diligence is vital for effective travel risk management…
1 Mar 2016
Study shows better planning and communication of the travel policy can stop most medical concerns
25 Feb 2016
Travel managers should work with HR and c-suite when looking at the safety of travellers
18 Feb 2016
Panel discusses how best to handle traveller communications in a variety of situations
15 Jul 2015
TMC can provide a direct feed of passenger data to increase duty of care
Travelport renews deal with Comair
28 Mar 2015
An increasingly Important part of a TMC's brief is monitoring travellers' movement, but this can raise significant privacy issues
18 Feb 2015
International SOS senior VP of security and intelligence talks to Martin Ferguson about his experience of the global risk business
3 Jul 2014
Business travel firm signs new deal with International SOS