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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019


Coins in a vice representing cost crunching
7 Dec 2018
67% have no insight on ground transport costs
Business travellers believe they are tech-savvy, according to KDS
10 Nov 2017
Travellers prioritise tech when booking
23 Jun 2017
BBT spoke with Donders to find out the challenges in the sector, cutting leakage and new payment technology…
9 Jun 2017
Hotel expenses can be complex, but there is a range of solutions out there to provide a perfect fit, whatever the business
10 Feb 2017
Pre-trip approval is increasingly being used to drive compliance
TBR Global Chauffeuring
30 Nov 2016
Travel and expense management company KDS has partnered with TBR Global Chauffeuring.The partnerships provides access to more than 15,000 executive chauffeured vehicles through KDS’ platform Neo.
29 Sep 2016
KDS Neo will manage over 5,000 employee travel expenses a month
30 Aug 2016
Deal to be completed in fourth quarter of 2016
13 Jul 2016
Around 1 million properties available on KDS platform
16 Feb 2016
Travel and expense management firm adds 4,800 taxis and cars on KDS Neo
10 Dec 2015
Drinks company to use expense management platform KDS Neo
26 Feb 2015
Oliver Quayle from KDS analyses the pitfalls of open booking and the future of OBTs
25 Feb 2015
Survey reveals slow take-up of automated tools for submitting claims
8 Jan 2015
Our regular columnist dons his tux to dish out travel’s least-coveted awards
5 Sep 2013
Telecoms giant signs five-year deal for “door-to-door” travel platform
27 Feb 2012
Project Neo: a business trip in three clicks 
30 Sep 2011
Available in UK and France
1 Aug 2011
KDS will continue its strategy of investing in relationships with TMCs to fuel expansion
11 Jul 2011
Dean Forbes has taken over from Yves Weisselberger at travel and expense management company KDS
6 Jul 2011
Independent TMC is the first in the UK to offer KDS' unified travel and expense management technology