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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019


Contrails in a blue sky
9 Oct 2018
Platform connects carriers with sellers
Rio de Janeiro
1 Aug 2017
Deal opens up flights around Brazil from Sao Paulo gateway
12 Jun 2017
Airline recently hit by airspace blockade from neighboring countries over alleged terror links
LATAM A350 aircraft
29 Dec 2016
Gulf airline takes 10 per cent stake in Latin American carrier
LATAM A350 aircraft
11 Nov 2016
Airline also reveals new strategy for its domestic markets in Latin America
12 Jul 2016
Deal will see $613m injected into Latin American carrier
LATAM A350 aircraft
1 May 2016
New logo to be rolled out across sister carriers LAN and TAM
15 Jan 2016
IAG agrees joint venture with South American carrier
7 Aug 2015
LATAM - the group formed by the merger of Latin American carriers LAN and TAM – this week unveiled its new brand in Sao Paulo. Tom Otley was in the Brazilian city to speak with the airline’s VP of marketing Jerome Cadier, where he discussed the rebranding, new aircraft and why the airline is like ‘BA and Iberia on steroids’...
11 Mar 2015
LATAM airlines has reported a rise in passenger traffic for last month compared to the same period a year earlier.
14 Jan 2014
Service ends in March but will return temporarily for this summer’s World Cup
9 Nov 2013
BA owner wants to forge joint venture with South American company
10 Oct 2013
BBT looks at how the region is being powered by the growth of Brazil
1 Oct 2013
Brazilian carrier will switch from Star Alliance to British Airways group
22 Aug 2013
Government serves eviction notice on LATAM’s subsidiary carrier
7 Mar 2013
Merged South American carrier chooses to join British Airways' alliance
15 Dec 2011
LAN and TAM tie-up will create the largest airline group in the region, to be known as LATAM
7 Jun 2011
The eruption of the Puyehue-Cordon-Caulle volcano range in Chile is causing cancellations and delays to flights in the region
11 Nov 2010
The aviation sector in Latin America will continue to grow next year, according to a senior industry figure from the region
10 Nov 2010
British Airways, Air France KLM and nine other airlines have been fined a total of €800 million by the European Commission for being involved in an illegal cartel