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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019


A pile of past due bill notices
28 Feb 2019
What can TMCs and corporates do to ensure payments flow efficiently in hard times?
Pile of money to represent compensation
24 Apr 2018
The long-running battle between airlines and passengers over compensation for flight delays is off to the Court of Appeal
Judge's gavel
16 Mar 2018
Decision upholds Court of Appeal judgement
Business traveller looking upset in an airport
16 Feb 2018
This year, new regulations require airlines to track baggage, and Brexit clauses are being added to commercial agreements
10 Oct 2017
Changes to credit card payment surcharges will have an impact across the travel supply chain
27 Jun 2017
Assessing risk in far-flung locations is crucial, but there are plenty of regulatory challenges closer to home…
10 Feb 2017
Don’t be fooled by the Directive’s name – it’s not just for leisure travellers...
17 Nov 2016
Recent legislation means paying more attention than ever to that business travel bête noire, the request for proposal
11 May 2016
It pays dividends to set out the corporate/TMC relationship in official terms
IATA calls for strengthening of airline security
31 Mar 2016
Today’s world means a greater focus on duty-of-care obligations
4 Feb 2016
Our legal expert urges vigilance and fair play
27 Nov 2015
How ‘extraordinary’ do events have to be for an airline to avoid compensating delayed passengers?
16 Oct 2015
Some recent cases have highlighted the obligation to keep business travellers safe
9 Sep 2015
New rules for electronic booking will have an impact on business as well as leisure travel
7 Feb 2015
It pays to get things down in writing, for both buyer and TMC
5 Oct 2014
Who will bear the burden of proof regarding negligence in relation to flight MH17?
7 Apr 2014
Greater clarity is needed over what qualifies as a legitimate case for compensation
19 Feb 2014
Changes in UK age regulations need not cause confusion and consternation if transparency and clarity are applied.