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March April 2017
For Business, Corporate Travel & Meeting Buyers & Arrangers

London City Airport (LCY)

21 Apr 2017
Declan Collier has been chief exec of the airport since 2012
15 Mar 2017
Cost at £35 per person for lounge that opens later this month
7 Mar 2017
Roy Griffins to be replaced by Terry Morgan
2 Mar 2017
Services to Paris and Nantes are dropped
16 Feb 2017
British Airways to start services from Stansted and City
6 Feb 2017
Airline to operate four-times daily service from March
18 Jan 2017
Airline will operate two flights a day, seven days a week
11 Jan 2017
Airport publishes archived photos as part of its 30 year anniversary celebrations
9 Jan 2017
Airport increased traffic by 5 per cent in 2016
Flight board
30 Dec 2016
Poor weather conditions lead to “high” delays at south-east gateways
25 Nov 2016
Regional carrier sees huge jump in last-minute sales
3 Nov 2016
Daily service to start in February
17 Oct 2016
Cabin crew due to take action later this week
17 Oct 2016
Temporary service to be extended due to strong business demand
14 Sep 2016
Three-times weekly service to start next month
6 Sep 2016
Services being diverted to Gatwick
2 Sep 2016
Post-Brexit, politicians must convince the public the UK is still open for business, and infrastructure could be key to doing this
23 Aug 2016
Two different playlists – either ‘ambient electronic’ or ‘upbeat acoustic music’ – will be broadcast throughout the day
27 Jul 2016
Approval comes months after Boris Johnson rejected application
26 Jul 2016
LCY becomes first airport to use tool to display real-time updates