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Air Berlin
26 Sep 2017
Partial take-over bids accepted by troubled airline
Air Berlin
15 Sep 2017
Several investors interested in parts of airline
7 Sep 2017
German carrier says route to Qatar is “commercially not viable”
Air Berlin
5 Sep 2017
German government’s €150 million loan endorsed by European Commission
Air Berlin
16 Aug 2017
Irish airline makes complaint about Lufthansa’s role in rival’s restructuring
8 Aug 2017
Flights will be timed to link up with airline‘s long-haul network
13 Jul 2017
Our regular columnist discusses how IAG’s introduction of GDS charges will impact the entire industry
20 Jun 2017
Organisations warn of threat to transparency and competition from airlines
London skyline
19 Jun 2017
Senior buyers and travel experts gather in London and Dublin for debates around the ‘digital revolution’ and how it impacts travel programmes
9 Jun 2017
Brussels outlines plans to offer protection for European airlines
8 Jun 2017
Airline group will add £4 to the cost of first bag booked through non-direct channels
Paul Wait
6 Jun 2017
Wait questions the high level of surcharges being levied by BA and Lufthansa
25 May 2017
TMC and expense management firm offer expanded access to clients
28 Apr 2017
Click Travel and Portman Clarity will avoid paying the €16 GDS booking charge
28 Mar 2017
Passengers able to collect miles on codeshare flight segments
16 Mar 2017
Deal means combined total of 14 flights a week
16 Feb 2017
Airline group upgrades API to ‘fully-fledged sales channel’
15 Feb 2017
Thousands of pilots to receive 8.7% pay rise and one-off payment
18 Jan 2017
CEO James Hogan rejects claims he’s looking to acquire a stake in German airline
10 Jan 2017
Entire A320 fleet will be fitted with Internet by 2018