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Lufthansa Group

27 Nov 2018
TMC joins NDC Partner Program
Lufthansa aircraft
21 Nov 2018
Point-to-point Economy Light fares to be removed from GDS
Yilu platform on a laptop
15 Nov 2018
Yilu aims to 'consolidate travel and mobility landscape'
Lufthansa aircraft
31 Oct 2018
Adjusted earnings down 7.7 per cent
Lufthansa A320neo aircraft
28 Sep 2018
27 more A320neo and A321neos on order
Lufthansa aircraft
23 Jul 2018
GDS body claims EC 'failed to enforce EU law'
19 Jun 2018
CEO says group is 'in contact' with LCC
Lufthansa aircraft
23 May 2018
Tickets are HBO and not flexible
Lufthansa Group NDC Partner Programme website
21 May 2018
Agencies can access content via web platform
Lufthansa aircraft
17 May 2018
OTA will connect to group's NDC channel
Alexis von Hoensbroech, new CEO of Austrian Airlines
12 Apr 2018
Kay Kratky to leave the company