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mystery buyer

Some hotels have introduced a new 48-hour cancellation policy
4 Dec 2017
The introduction of 48-hour cancellation is not such a big deal, says our mystery buyer
HS2 Euston station
27 Aug 2017
HS2 is being sold to us as a high-speed line, but is that what we are getting?
Silverrail partners with SNCF
3 Aug 2017
A thriving UK Plc needs a modernised rail service – so the new government must commit to upping its game
31 May 2017
Meeting the challenge… Whether they like it or not, travel managers have the right skills to tackle meetings spend
31 Mar 2017
BBT’s mystery buyer is frustrated over the widespread unbundling of flight fares
17 Jan 2017
Row of seats on domestic flights will be reserved for lone female travellers
12 Jan 2017
Our frustrated buyer would like to see credit where credit’s due
20 Oct 2016
Our buyer has fears over the recent surge in hotel consolidation...
9 Aug 2016
Our mystery buyer asks should all policies and programmes meet duty-of-care requirements regardless of gender…
17 Jun 2016
Our mystery buyer considers whether complacency and cost-cutting can contribute to modern slavery
20 Apr 2016
Our Mystery Buyer says that suppliers - from rail operators to hotels - are letting corporates down
22 Jan 2016
Our latest mystery buyer calls for more support from the top level on security for meetings and events
7 Dec 2015
Our mystery buyer makes a heartfelt plea to serviced apartment providers
1 Jul 2015
Our mystery buyer calls for transparency from both sides when negotiating
Mystery buyer
21 Apr 2015
BBT's mystery buyer demands the super profile we’ve been promised by TMCs for years
Mystery buyer
10 Mar 2015
BBT’s mystery buyer talks through sales staff turnovers, RFPs, younger travellers and preferred suppliers
Mystery buyer
28 Jan 2015
Our anonymous travel buyer bemoans the inconsistency that exists around airport security
Mystery buyer
20 Nov 2014
As more airlines make signing up to Prism a prerequisite, our anonymous travel buyer is less than happy...
Mystery buyer
7 Oct 2014
Our mystery buyer says train travel’s 'green' claims against airlines just don’t add up…
Mystery buyer
25 Jul 2014
As new industry changes come into play such as IATA’s NDC our anonymous travel buyer feels GDSs must up their game or get left behind