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Orient-Express Hotels

Orient Express Hotels rebranded as Belmond
24 Feb 2014
Change to take effect from March
24 Apr 2011
ABTN speaks to Paul White, CEO of Orient-Express Hotels, about the state of play in the luxury hotel business, where Europe is headed, and why trains beat hotels hands down
31 Jan 2007
ORIENT-EXPRESS HOTELS - known for luxury hotels, trains and cruises - has this month added an exciting new dimension to its portfolio: private jets. 
30 Jan 2007
If you rushed to get the Heathrow Express one morning and, still feeling sleepy, think you might be dreaming as the your high speed airport commuter rushes by what appears to be the Flying Scotsman and a whole host of Pullman coaches, d
16 Jan 2007
BUENOS AIRES is to have a spectacular new steakhouse.  Well not actually a new restaurant for eating that most Argentinean of meats, the steak, but a restoration by Orient-Express Hotels of one of the country”s most famous eating places
27 Sep 2006
ST PETERSBURG'S 301 room Grand Hotel Europe, claimed to be the finest hotel in that famous city, has been acquired by Orient-Express Hotels Ltd.  The Grand Hotel was Russia”s first five star hotel.