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March April 2017
For Business, Corporate Travel & Meeting Buyers & Arrangers


10 Mar 2017
Striking a delicate balance between cost and service is just one consideration for travel managers seeking a fresh start
10 Feb 2017
A well-thought out RFP strategy that encompasses stakeholders and software can make life better for buyers and suppliers alike
22 Dec 2016
Our buyer shares her experience of procuring and managing ground transport services
8 Dec 2016
A complete revamp on the previous eight-year-old document
17 Nov 2016
Many travel buyers are preparing to negotiate airline contracts for the next 12 or 24 months. For companies with really complex global programmes, negotiations are already well under way...
30 Sep 2016
Hotel consolidation is currently very much in the news, raising the question: big may be better– but for who?
22 Aug 2016
BBT editor speaks with the MD of Belfast-based TMC about business expansion, RFP process and duty of care
5 Feb 2016
7 Golden Rules for the perfect RFP revealing the fastest and smartest route to the most suitable shortlist
3 Jul 2015
An experienced buyer shares knowledge and practical advice for those dreaded RFPs…
Mystery buyer
10 Mar 2015
BBT’s mystery buyer talks through sales staff turnovers, RFPs, younger travellers and preferred suppliers
2 Mar 2015
Reducing leakage, negotiating value-adds and utilising benchmarking in a sellers' market
1 Nov 2014
Bouda director Clare Murphy shares her tips on the best ways for buyers to issue requests for proposals (RFPs)
22 Aug 2014
How best to avoid the pitfalls associated with the dreaded FRP
Hotel Indigo Madrid
21 Jul 2014
Travel tech firm to offer consultancy services to buyers
12 May 2014
Building stronger relationships with suppliers means clarity and trust on both sides
22 Apr 2014
Finding the right partners for a corporate travel programme is a complicated process
13 Jul 2013
BBT quizzes experts on a major issue for buyers in this new regular feature
1 Dec 2009
It's the worst recession in living memory, travel budgets have been slashed and there are fewer travellers out there - but five-star hotels are holding their rates. Why? Tom Otley investigates
20 Jun 2007
The Lanyon European Conference in London this week offered a fascinating glimpse into the world of RFPs.