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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

social media

Social media icons on a phone
6 Jul 2018
But many love the perks of travelling for work
24 Jun 2016
For many, the golden era of frequent-flyer benefits is over – with implications for business travellers and their managers
Social Media
24 Jul 2014
A group of Danish students are working to set up a business travel-focused social network platform aimed at start-up entrepreneurs.
Social Media
13 Jul 2014
Social media can be a positive part of both your business and your travel programme - If used correctly. Here is a short list of Do's and Don’ts of using social media
Travelport renews deal with Comair
12 Jul 2014
Can social media be a positive part of your travel programme?
8 Apr 2014
Hotels investing heavily in social media to directly target travellers
1 Feb 2014
Using social networks can help in a crisis, but what are the potential pitfalls for travel managers?
24 Dec 2013
Technology has revolutionised the life of the business traveller. 24/7 connectivity anywhere, anytime, has brought with it unquantifiable benefits. But is the last frontier of tranquility about to be taken away...
24 Nov 2013
BBT examines the potential impact of allowing airline passengers to choose who they sit next to
21 Sep 2013
How will the search giant’s latest experiment affect the world of business travel?
2 Oct 2012
David Churchill investigates the power of the people
1 Oct 2011
Travel policies may be lagging behind the increased demand to stay in touch 24/7, suggests David ChurchillIT’S OFFICIAL: business travel really does damage your health.
1 Jun 2011
The Association of Corporate Travel Executives' annual Global Education Conference looked at new ways of connecting people, Sara Turner reportsWhether it's videoconferencing, gaming, online chatting or a plain old face-to-face
7 Jan 2011
Glenn Gruber, associate vice president of market development and travel technologies at Ness Technologies discusses the growing importance of mobile capability in the travel industry, and outlines actions companies can take to create and implement a successful mobile strategy
30 Apr 2010
Search engine optimisation expert Chris Angus tells hoteliers why they should embrace social media...
1 Feb 2010
Technological advances have seen the rapid introduction of social media into the business place.
20 Feb 2009
Virgin Atlantic remains top in latest Kaizo Advocacy Index