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BBT March/April 2018
March/April 2018
For Business, Corporate Travel & Meeting Buyers & Arrangers


iJet new World Communicator on various devices
13 Mar 2018
Travellers can immediately be contacted in an emergency
Staying Cool logo
9 Mar 2018
App contains information about the property and area
9 Mar 2018
Global hotel chains are embracing innovative technology to shape the experience of corporate travellers
British Airways biometric boarding gates in Los Angeles
8 Mar 2018
E-gates speed up boarding process
Xpenditure logo
7 Mar 2018
Expense platform available through an app
Business travellers would be lost without their smartphones, says Travelport research
23 Feb 2018
But they still desire a mix of physical and digital help
Trooptravel with David Chapple at the Business Travel Show Disrupt Award
23 Feb 2018
Start-up wins six-way competition
21 Feb 2018
Seamless journeys lead to more on-programme adoption
Egencia online air exchange
20 Feb 2018
Travellers can change flights on their own
Reed & Mackay logo
19 Feb 2018
Platform integrates with existing tech suite
FCM Travel Solutions launches Seeqa, a new online booking platform
19 Feb 2018
Seeqa integrates with FCM Connect
Concept drawing of future transport options
9 Feb 2018
Robo-taxis, flying cars, jet packs, 700 mph trains – is this how we’ll travel in tomorrow’s world?
BCD Travel launches Solutionsource
7 Feb 2018
Solutionsource gives clients access to technology partners
2 Feb 2018
Why your travel programme needs an effective technology strategy
Mezi on iPhone
31 Jan 2018
AI-based app will become subsidiary
Broadband on planes has the potential to create a $130 billion market
30 Jan 2018
82 carriers offer wifi in some form
Lufthansa automatic check-in on mobile device
29 Jan 2018
Passengers receive boarding pass 23 hours before departure
Andy Boland
24 Jan 2018
Group also investing in fleet
Allen Allison from American Express Global Business Travel
23 Jan 2018
Before blockchain can be used to its full potential, the industry must make some changes of its own, says Allen Allison from American Express GBT
Mobile phones
12 Jan 2018
An effective mobile policy needs constant updating, monitoring of usage and regular nudging of employees to adhere to the rules