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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019


Man with a gun on a plane to represent a major incident
15 Sep 2017
Fears of terrorism are high on the corporate agenda, but the aviation industry is rising to meet the challenge
31 Jul 2017
Passengers advised to arrive early as new checks are introduced
17 Mar 2017
GBTA study lists ‘unsafe’ destinations for business travellers
London skyline
10 Aug 2016
City feeling effects of terrorism and Brexit
31 May 2016
Counter Terrorism officer speaks about dangers of incident and what to do if one takes place
ACTE-Business Traveller logo
23 May 2016
More than two-thirds of business travellers believe travelling to areas perceived as ‘unsafe’ has a psychological effect on them or their families
5 May 2016
Counter terrorism expert David Parkes has been named as the keynote speaker at May's BBT forum