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25 Sep 2017
Company aims to streamline international carriers
13 Aug 2015
Rail operator has rebranded as Trainline
19 Jun 2015
Travel technology firm Sabre and rail booking service The Trainline have signed a long-term content deal.
11 Jun 2015
Duty-of-care is often thought of as a global priority - but travellers closer to home also need looking after
19 May 2015
Deal signed for further four years
East Coast Trains joins GTMC
11 Dec 2014
Site trialling the purchase of tickets via its app
2 Jun 2014
Rail is on the rise, but how best to persuade the traveller to book online when tickets-on-demand are still seen as the norm?
20 May 2014
Facility available to majority of TMCs
24 Jan 2014
Corporate travellers can book advance tickets 30 minutes before departure
20 Jan 2014
New agreement boosts site’s European rail offering
East Coast Trains joins GTMC
15 Jun 2013
How far down the track is the seamlessly integrated rail booking that buyers want? Dave Richardson investigates
19 Apr 2013
Online rail agency adds two more train operators to its PYO system
21 May 2012
Rail is upping its game as a vital part of corporate travel programmes, as buyers demand ever more sophisticated booking and ticketing solutions
1 Feb 2012
Key Travel has renewed its agreement with to book all its UK rail tickets for clients. The contract, worth annually more than £3 million, will last for four years.
28 Nov 2011
Key Travel will continue to use to book all its UK rail tickets for clients
15 Sep 2011
A television advert featuring people singing and dancing on a train has been ruled misleading by the UK’s advertising watchdog
24 May 2011
Rail link-up confirmed
1 Feb 2011
Dave Richardson explores the future of domestic and European rail travelIMAGINE A TIME when you can travel throughout the UK and Europe on high-speed rail services, bypassing airports and with a booking process as simple as tha
24 Nov 2010
The Department of Work and Pensions has successfully implemented changes to its travel policy. It shares its latest figures exclusively with ABTN...
1 Jun 2010
Dave Richardson traces the evolution of the train e-ticket