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BBT March/April 2018
March/April 2018
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US Department of Transportation

10 May 2017
Department of Homeland Security may extend ban in next “few weeks”
17 Oct 2016
Passengers cannot take devices onboard flights to North America
8 Jul 2016
Eight carriers will operate services from 14 US cities to Cuban capital
12 Jun 2014
Legislation approved over concerns airline will ‘dodge international labour laws’
8 May 2014
Delta heads list of 16 carriers in the US Department of Transportation’s baggage fees league
25 Nov 2013
US politicians accuse EU of “contravening” global deal on airline emissions
24 Sep 2013
Airlines will “harmonise” schedules on Heathrow to New York route
9 Apr 2013
Airlines apply to US government for permission to run joint venture across the Atlantic
14 Dec 2009
Way open for closer co-operation - JAL
13 Oct 2009
 "Unequivocal opposition" to application
13 Jul 2009
Fears of consumer "harm" ignored
8 Jul 2009
‘Myopic policy would jeopardise open skies deals'
26 May 2009
Three year span for anti-trust immunity
20 Apr 2009
Formal proceedings against Star and oneworld
24 Mar 2009
Congressman questions anti-trust role