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Virgin Atlantic

Easyjet and Virgin Atlantic tailfins
3 Oct 2018
Customers can connect to flights through Gatwick
British Airways 787
12 Sep 2018
Airlines allow passengers to change flights to the US and Caribbean
Virgin Atlantic tailfin
21 Aug 2018
New company headed by ex-Monarch boss
Craig Kreeger, CEO Virgin Atlantic
13 Aug 2018
Virgin Atlantic boss spots 2.5-hour wait in July
Virgin Atlantic tailfin
27 Jun 2018
Flights 'no longer economically viable'
Craig Kreeger, CEO Virgin Atlantic
21 Jun 2018
CCO Weiss to take CEO position in January
23 Mar 2018
Premium cabins are undergoing a transformation as new types of long-haul aircraft enter service
Virgin Atlantic tailfin
23 Mar 2018
Technology giant will give access to airline’s range of economy tickets
Virgin Atlantic
16 Mar 2018
But cargo revenue up
Virgin Atlantic tailfin
15 Mar 2018
New flight starts in October
Virgin Atlantic and Delta planes
8 Mar 2018
HBO fare introduced for spring 2018
Emirates all-female crew: captain Patricia Bischoff from Canada and first officer Rebecca Lougheed from the UK
8 Mar 2018
Female contribution to industry celebrated
Virgin Atlantic tailfin
6 Feb 2018
Airline points out IAG owns half of slots
Heathrow Express
8 Nov 2017
Passengers get free wifi to view website
Virgin Atlantic and Delta planes
27 Sep 2017
Airline partners increase capacity for 2018
Miami International Airport
12 Sep 2017
Airlines resume flights to state’s airports after Hurricane Irma
8 Sep 2017
UK carriers warn of “severe” disruption to air travel over the weekend
Virgin Atlantic tailfin
4 Sep 2017
UK carrier says it has now introduced internet access on all aircraft
Seattle skyline
1 Sep 2017
Seattle is seeing its burgeoning tech industry reflected in increased flights and hotel capacity
Delta, Air France, KLM and Virgin Atlantic cabin crew
27 Jul 2017
European carrier will purchase 31 per cent shareholding in UK carrier