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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

Westminster Watch

Man looking at his watch waiting for a late train
10 Jan 2019
Forget the consequences of Brexit; it’s the railways that will be the ongoing issue of the year
13 Nov 2018
Intra-regional transport links will grow only if the regions can make their voices heard at national level, says Gareth Morgan
4 Jul 2018
Lobbyists for the business travel industry need to start influencing post-Brexit trade negotiations
17 May 2018
The Labour party’s perspective on Heathrow expansion could change with the outcome of a union election
2 Mar 2018
Airports in the UK’s regions could form a vital part of the government’s post-Brexit strategy
8 Jan 2018
The travel industry should support ‘disruptor’ companies seeking new markets when lobbying key Brexiteers, says Gareth Morgan
Graphic to represent trading after Brexit
30 Oct 2017
A post-customs union UK could prove advantageous to the business travel community, says Gareth Morgan
11 Jul 2017
A hung parliament will offer a fertile environment for a lobbyist looking for levers to pull...
24 Mar 2017
Despite Brexit worries, the trade minister is in a good place to drive agreements that will benefit business travel
10 Jan 2017
Our Westminster insider makes some cautious bets on what to expect over the coming year in politics...
10 Nov 2016
What will happen about new airport capacity after 2030 asks BBT columnist Gareth Morgan?
22 Jul 2016
Politicians have a massive ‘to do’ list which they must address if UK plc is to make any significant progress
6 May 2016
Whatever the outcome of June’s EU referendum, there will be consequences for the travel industry
Aeroplane taking off
10 Mar 2016
Policy makers and campaigners are considering the impact of APD devolution
Heathrow airport third runway
27 Aug 2015
Airports Commission chairman has faced plenty of criticism since advocating a third runway at Heathrow
26 Mar 2015
The upcoming general election is anything but a done deal, not least for business travel
George Osborne
10 Jan 2015
The gloves are off...what will the campaign mean for business travel?
11 Sep 2014
Politicians are wooing the UK's great post-industrial cities
4 Jan 2014
Elections, referendums, HS2...2014 going to be a bumpy ride predicts GTMC adviser and lobbyist Gareth Morgan
1 Jul 2013
Summer is usually a quiet time for the nation’s politicians but maybe not this year