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What's on your Xmas wish list?

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Rob Gill
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What's on your Xmas wish list?

Our mystery travel buyer was supposed to has come up with their "12 Days of Christmas" wish list – but they got greedy and want 24 presents from Santa – hope he can deliver! 

this is what he asked for: 

  1. No congestion in the London Bridge area
  2. Reduce Air Passenger Duty
  3. Work to start on the ‘third runway’.
  4. True hotel folio data on credit card
  5. No more online surveys
  6. Merger of the ITM, GBTA and ACTE
  7. Less rip off repair costs by car hire offices
  8. New presenters and fresh topics for discussion at conferences
  9. Integration of Virgin Atlantic into an alliance – probably Skyteam with the Delta deal
  10. Make a flatbed into a real flat bed
  11. No rogue travellers – one can dream
  12. UK rail tariffs that don’t require a post-graduate degree
  13. Travellers learning how to refuel a rental car before returning it
  14. Travellers understanding how to check-in online 24 hours before departure to avoid surprises at the airport
  15. Travellers learning that a restricted ticket with change fees is significantly better value than a fully flexible ticket
  16. Either Flybe stops charging for baggageor stops pretending to be a regular carrier
  17. Ryanair starts accepting AMEX cards and distributing inventory through the GDS
  18. Travelodge and Premier Inns participate in GDSs too
  19. United Airlines provides complimentary alcohol in the economy cabin on the North Atlantic routes
  20. BA uses a single Heathrow Terminal
  21. Aer Lingus distributes all of its inventory through the GDS
  22. Credit card surcharges are banned by the OFT
  23. Russia no longer requires entry visas for British citizens
  24. All airline seats fitted with USB rechargers

What do you think?



Timtomfitz (not verified)
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25. Airlines to waitlist

25. Airlines to waitlist Frequent Flyer Redemptions where immediate confirmation isn't available rather than just saying No (where airlines don't offer this already).

Santa Claus (not verified)
Anonymous's picture
26. Less lists...

26. Less lists...

NoleftTurns (not verified)
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Monstrous brigades of wheelie tightwads

Point 3 should be short, medium and long-term solutions to England airport fiasco actioned immediately. 3rd runway is only the short term solution – we then need to think about the 50-100yr solution.
Another thing; thanks to no-frills airlines charging for hold luggage, the whole world and his wife drag their wheelie suitcases onto the plane. When the plane's full, there's not enough room in the overhead lockers for the 100s of suitcases. So if you pay to put your bag in the hold - like any civilised person should, so they can carry shaving razors etc – you are punished for not being a tightwad by being told to put your bag under the seat in front, and suffering EVEN less legroom! Luggage should go in the hold.

The Maverick (not verified)
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Charging 23 quid per bag

Charging 23 quid per bag hardly encourages people to check in their bags and also there's no weight limit so people can hardly lift their cases into the overhead lockers these days.,..

It is getting a bit of a joke on Easyjet - the last few flights I've been on, they have had to check in wheelie cases at the door of the aircraft because they have run out of storage space in the cabin - I'm assuming they don't charge for this!

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convert to Judaism tp visit

convert to Judaism tp visit the holy land of Israel 

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