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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

Nominate now for the Buying Business Travel Hotlist 2014

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Rob Gill
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Nominate now for the Buying Business Travel Hotlist 2014

We are currently compiling our Hotlist for 2014, focusing on the ‘ones to watch’ for next year and beyond.

We're asking industry players who they think are the rising stars, companies or products innovating in the sector, which are likely to have a significant impact on managed travel - now or in the future.

If you want to nominate people – or organisations – that you think are shaking things up (or are just about to do so), let us know by dropping me a line at

We will publish the full Hotlist in the first issue of BBT in 2014 which is due out in the first week of January.

Best regards


Rob Gill

Digital editor


Suite Talker
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On the airline side, I'd say Carolyn McCall continues to drive Easyjet's evolution in the corporate space. And it will be interesting to see what Qatar's strategies are as a oneworld member, & what impact this will have.

Not sure who the actual people ('googlers', as theyre called!) behind this, but: What with google+ hangouts, helpouts, knowledge graph carousel etc – surely Its only a matter of time before the big G starts having a serious effect on the way travel is booked...? Discuss!

JJames's picture
shared economy gurus?

What about Airbnb? maybe head of hospitality Chip Conley, or one of the other guys driving growth there? The shared economy could well have an influence on the way we look at a lot of things in future, including managed travel.Ground transport journey sharing is taking off. Wifi sharing, peer-to-peer lending – there’s loads of potential to impact on the way we do business.



Alistair B (not verified)
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I would consider including whoevers behind LiquidSpace – the flexible workspace provider. It reflects a new mindset, a new approach to a non-traditional mobile workforce.

Its about meeting needs in a short-term, instant, temporary, easily -accessible framework. You can browse & book online, whether you just need a desk & a powerpoint, or a boardroom.  

A lot of managing travel these days is about embracing new concepts & mindsets. This is a small but growing trend in the US. Is anyone working on this in Europe and UK?

Tom Ruesink (not verified)
Anonymous's picture
tClara's Trip Friction

I would definitely put the work that Scott Gillespie and tClara is doing on measuring and benchmarking Trip Friction as a huge step forward.

I have had a sneek peak into the types of outputs that they are creating and it will be both practical and insightful to the corporate travel buyer and stakeholders up the line.  Definitely some cool stuff on the horizon!

SaraL (not verified)
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Hotlist 2014

I certainly feel in the hotlist for 2014 Capita Travel and events and CTI  will be somewhere, with Capita Travel and Events following their acquisition of Expotel and Venues Event Management over a year ago this is a TMC who is serious about game changing the perception of the TMC as being a global conglomorate,  in regards to CTI now they've taken over hotelscene they really do have a good place to expand even further and possibly gain some more bigger corporates.

I think in 2014 we'll see a lot of new things from Capita Travel and events once they're fully rebranded and operating under a single brand name, they now have a solution that offers clients expertise in all travel related services as well of the adition of now having solid experience in meetings, Incentives, Conference and Events with the skills Venues Event Management are bringing to the table, I wouldn't be surprised if next year this TMC also start to branch out of the UK and win some major international business as well.

With CTI they've got a strong footing, Hotelscene have some key companies they're managing as a HBA and if CTI have any clout they'll use this to target those clients for full TMC services.  So it may be no surprise if we see some well known names moving across.  I think for now though CTI should focus on being good in the UK.  Embed this for a few years and then take it further, who knows Capita may even snap them up as well!


MichaelExpix (not verified)
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