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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

‘Skyzen’ app launched to counter jet lag

IATA has launched an app aimed at reducing jet lag and improving the health of frequent travellers.

The Skyzen app, which is used in conjunction with a ‘Jawbone’ fitness wristband, enables travellers to view their activity and sleep patterns throughout the whole flight.

IATA said helpful hints will enable users to “improve their travel experience and combat jet lag when crossing time zones”.

The app will use data and analytics supplied by aviation data provider OAG.

“The SkyZen app will provide huge benefits to the frequent business traveller,” said OAG CEO Phil Callow.

“The more often a person flies, particularly on long-haul flights, the more data is collected in order to generate valuable insights into their travelling habits.

“Based on data provided by the App and the wearable technology, SkyZen will advise travellers on the best time to sleep before and during a flight and is a great step towards ensuring they not only enjoy their travels, but prosper from them too,” he said.

SkyZen is free to download and use from the Apple iTunes store, and currently works with the Jawbone health tracker. The Apple Watch and Fitbit version will be released shortly.

Users of the app need to enter their flight number, date and class of travel, and SkyZen will automatically collect and aggregate the data. Using the data collected, it will offer passengers personalised insights on their flight activity, and strategies to minimise jet lag before and after flight.

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I have to say that I don't believe in jet lag at all, I have been flying as the most travelled person since 1958, I believe so called jet lag is about dehydration and, there are ways to combat this for sure. so called jet lag dehydratio9n only occurs after around 5 hours of flight, from being in a dry pressurized aircraft cabin, include an long day leaving home, checking in, the flight and going to your destination is bound to make you tired, you had extra long day, the new 787 Dreamliner ideal since the air doesn't me thru the engine and,is not as dry and at a lower level of pressurization. With Concorde I flew 718 times in Concorde and with 3.5 hours crossing same time zones no jet lag at all.

Fred Finn's picture
Fred Finn (not verified)

Clearly, over a short period, you don't suffer from jet-lag especially when there is no time zone difference. Perhaps a bit more knowledge on the subject would help for future comments.

Kathy Lewis's picture
Kathy Lewis (not verified)

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