January/February 2020

Reading the cards – BBT presents an overview of business travel and MICE predictions for the year ahead
Going ahead
Upward bound
Turbulent times
On the rise
Where we’ll meet this year

November/December 2019

Come together – Despite economic uncertainty, the global MICE industry looks healthy. BBT analyses the data
Ticking the boxes
Blueprint for success
Mulling it over
Blue sky thinking
Leading the way
Look on the bright side
Safety first

September/October 2019

Experience is everything – What helps to maintain wellness? BBT drills into the data to find out what makes business travellers happy
Must haves
Falling short
Data neglect
Hotel horrors
Booking wishlist
Practise what you preach
Frustration factors
Difference of opinion

July/August 2019

Stay for a while – A visual snapshot of some of the key stats on corporates’ use of extended stay properties
A welcome boost
Cooling off
Typical user
What’s the delay?
New trends
On the up
Longer away
Make way for sharing
Average stay

May/June 2019

Laying the groundwork – Ground transportation looks set to be significantly impacted by technology. BBT compiles key stats on this sometimes forgotten area of corporate policies
Troubled travel managers
Miles ahead
Time to upgrade
Female travellers
Shifting gears
Looking ahead

March/April 2019

Data disturbance – With high-profile data breaches in the travel industry hitting the news in recent years, BBT finds some troubling details about business travellers and cyber security
Pointing fingers
Wifi risk
Holiday hazards
Tense travellers
Travel industry data breaches in numbers
Tips for travellers to mitigate cyber risk while on the road

January/February 2019

Forecasting for Success – BBT looks at predictions for the year ahead across business travel, meetings and events, as well as what buyers believe they will face throughout 2019
Tech trends
Defining the boundaries
Checklist for China
Unlucky Irish
More meetings
Ascending accommodation
Room for growth
Oil on the rise
Price hike

November/December 2018

High Tension – As the Autumn BBT Forum focused on ‘Finding the balance between people and policy,’ what are the stats on the health risks of work trips?

Burnout culprits
Bleisure boost
Asking for help
More travel, more problems
Packing up
Lost time
Bad behaviour
Unnecessary stress
Negative effects

September/October 2018

Safe and sound – A graphic look at how travel managers and their travellers are mitigating risks – or not
Sage advice
Challenging countries
Female disadvantage?
Change of plans
On the safe side
Young and concerned
Top challenges
Steps to success

July/August 2018

Intriguing Incidentals – In-depth analysis reveals some interesting – and shocking – truths about business travellers’ behaviour when it comes to payments and expenses
Driven by process
Slap on the wrist
Resisting change
Likely expenses
Frequent fakers
On the company dime
Popular payments
Battle of the sexes
Turning up
Thinking ahead
Stuck in their ways
Most expensed

May/June 2018

Foreseeable future – how travellers and buyers really feel about the future of travel
Biometric buy-in
Early adopters
Investment in the future
The power of AI
Reaping the benefits
The impact of NDC
Hold your horses
Do buyers see NDC as a good thing?

March/April 2018

Share of the cake – a look at the latest facts, stats and figures on the use of the sharing economy in business travel

Millennials still want hotels
Managers are concerned by app-based ride-hailing services
Airbnb wins on price
Uber claims big percentage of expenses
Changing places
Seeing the benefit
Tried and tested
No suppliers allowed
Travellers want it all
Role reversal

January/February 2018

Reaching the summit – 2018 outlook for the MICE industry
Attendance looks bright
Budgets look good
Productivity soars
Breaking tradition
Top 3 MICE destinations
Declining numbers in Asia
Conferences are king
Top 10 most sustainable cities for corporate events
Use of partnerships
Increased activity
Wellness on the cards?

November/December 2017

Not just a number – data collected from the business travel road warriors
Business travel is vital
Spending soars on work time
Business blunders
What travellers want
Mattress tops kids
Gender divide
London calling

September/October 2017

2018 air price predictions
UK’s busiest ever day
Share prices
Aircraft orders
Wizz tops ancilliary sales
Percentage of profits made by IAG‘s airline brands
Superjumbo orders
Seat capacity
Oil prices
Airline revenues

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