5 tips when travelling to emerging markets

Sending travellers into an emerging destination should flag up duty of care concerns from the outset, so we have some tips on keeping your travellers safe when heading to an emerging market…

1. Research thoroughly any country-specific risks. Travel advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is a starting point, but it’s advisable to call on the expertise of a specialist travel risk consultancy as well.

2. The corporate focus on traveller safety and security can overwhelm health challenges. Check all health threats – and any vaccination requirements – and take external advice, then communicate the recommendations to all travellers.

3. Keep internal security, finance and human resource departments in the loop. It may be advisable, if not downright necessary, to inform your company’s insurers of the new travel plans.

4. Use a locally-based travel management company for surface transport and other ground arrangements. They will be more, and more quickly, aware of any specific issues, such as impending industrial disputes or adverse weather conditions

5. Collect and communicate information on local customs and cultures. Some nationals may relish a half-hour Powerpoint presentation, whereas others may have a more relaxed approach to business negotiations.

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