BBT Hotlist 2018

BBT names the people, companies and technology that look set to revolutionise corporate travel in 2018

This year’s list has been quite a challenge to compile, partly because of the sheer volume of hot topics and industry shake-ups we’ve seen in the headlines; also because of the large number of interesting nominations across a diverse range of people, organisations, concepts and products.

The final selection is based on a combination of nominations from key industry people, and conversations we’ve had with our journalists, contributors, readers, colleagues and other industry experts throughout 2017.

Within this list, you’ll no doubt find a few controversial choices. There are also some repeat entries from 2017 of people, companies and technological innovations that continue to set the agenda for the future of the UK’s travel infrastructure – which became a particularly important issue as Brexit negotiations got underway.

This year also has a heavy focus on technology, which has been the hottest topic of conversation at several industry conferences as it continues to both fascinate and drive debate. We’ve again split the list into Industry Influencers and Ones to Watch.

As always, we hope our Hotlist sparks a conversation or two in the industry – whether you agree with our selection or not. If you think we’ve missed an important topic or simply want to express your opinion, we encourage you to engage with us by leaving a comment below or on social media. Every piece of information and opinion we receive will help us build our hotlist for 2019.

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