Disrupt Awards Q&A: Matt Freckelton, Railguard

Railguard, one of the five finalists in the 2019 Business Travel Show Disrupt Awards, is focused on helping businesses claim compensation for delayed or cancelled rail journeys. Here, MD Matt Freckelton tells us about the app

After pitching against four other start-ups, the Railguard app won the audience vote for the Entrepreneurs in Business Travel Award at the GTMC Overseas Conference in Ireland last year and has signed agreements with Amber Road and Capita Travel and Events since. 

When were you launched?
January 2018

How many people are working for the company?
There are four of us on the team.

Sum up what your company/product does in one sentence.
Railguard monitors UK rail travel booked by businesses through a third party travel management company for eligible compensation caused by delays. Railguard then recoups that money for the business.

Why is it unique?
We have our own custom-built tracking and technology platform that automates the entire process.

What problem does it solve?
Business travellers don’t know they’re eligible for compensation so don’t submit their own claims, and subsequently businesses are losing out on tens of thousands of pounds in some instances in compensation. We estimate that a business could be claiming back up to 3 per cent of its annual UK rail spend back in compensation.

What platforms is it available on/can integrate with?
Railguard can integrate within any travel management company that books UK rail travel.

What do travel managers like about it?
It returns cash into their bank accounts.

What are your growth plans?
We’re focussed on expanding our core product offering at the moment and developing add-on services for deployment later this year.

The Business Travel Show Disrupt Awards will take place on Wednesday, 20 February at 1200 at London’s Olympia. To register for free pass for the two-day event, visit businesstravelshow.com/register

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