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Top tips for buyers on ‘bleisure’

Bleisure’ – the art of tagging a break on to a business trip – is still one of the greyest areas of travel management, which needs to be tackled head on...

Ask the bleisure question internally. Make sure there are no grey areas. Review policy and insurance as well as risk management guidelines

Limit and set the number of days that can be taken for leisure in order to minimise risk to the employee and employer. Audit the bleisure request

Define what will and will not be covered. A significant departure from the original itinerary and destination will not be considered

Stipulate that employees must comply fully with aspects of the policy e.g. risk assessment, tracking and call-ins if taking a break in a risky destination

If the leisure time is not covered by the company insurance policy, then the executive must provide proof that they have arranged their own insurance

Ensure you have a robust analytics tool to monitor extra spend if your travel policy is going to cover the extra costs incurred by bleisure activities

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