Top tips for perfecting the PA and event manager relationship

Personal Assistants and event managers are both working towards a common goal. Here are some tips for a successful union between event managers and corporate PAs…

1. Be open minded

A good agency will challenge a corporation’s status quo. By understanding the management’s event objectives, embracing change is far easier. In practice, this can be anything from helping choose a unique venue to recommending good artists and theming.

2. Access is everything

Leaving decisions to the last minute can impact on the quality of an event, so providing a dialogue between your agency and your decision makers from the outset ensures that everyone can understand the objectives and move forward more quickly.

3. Get the logistics right

Understand how small logistical decisions can make or break an event, be they the politics of a table plan or the order in which your speakers appear.

4. Be a trusted advisor

A PA can help an agency understand a brand better. They know who the company mavens are, and are well placed to be a sounding board about company culture. PAs make a valuable part of any event’s steering committee.

5. Be accurate and diligent

There are common skills in being a good PA and being a good event organiser. Knowing how to make a project run smoothly, interpreting instructions and keeping your diary on hand at every step of the journey is vital.

Extracted from William Maxwell’s feature on the role of the modern day personal assistant. To read it in full click here

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