Top 10 cruise-event choices for planners

MICE cruise specialist Landy & Kling lists 10 top cruise-event choices for planners…

1. Incentive cruises Group or individual cruises can be used as a motivation tool for employees.

2. Customer appreciation and employee recognition Cruising provides a productive setting in which to generate future business opportunities together.

3. Business meetings Innovate by choosing a cruise for your annual meeting, board meeting or sales conference.

4. Conventions and trade shows With capacity for up to 5,000 people, a ship is a convenient, self-contained venue that can help increase attendance and control cost.

5. Continuing education, association conference Programmes for medical, legal and other professions can successfully use a cruise if the right ship and destination are selected.

6. Executive retreats If your company is looking for a change of scene, a cruise delivers the results at multiple budget levels.

7. Consumer incentives Use this to give sales a competitive edge.

8. Fundraisers Organisations can motivate donations through travel programmes that earmark a portion of the cruise price for a worthy cause.

9. Full-ship charters For the ultimate cruise experience, charter a vessel for your organisation’s exclusive use.

10. Dockside charters or ‘floating hotels’ If there’s a shortage of hotel space for a citywide convention or global event in a port city, consider a dockside charter to accommodate the overflow.

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