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19 Jan 2017
BBT invited 40 senior travel buyers to meet key figures from Uber for Business for an exclusive Q&A
13 Jan 2017
American Express GBT’s CEO talks investment, loyalty and relationships
12 Jan 2017
Our frustrated buyer would like to see credit where credit’s due
10 Jan 2017
Our Westminster insider makes some cautious bets on what to expect over the coming year in politics...
6 Jan 2017
We name the people, companies and products expected to drive change, set agendas and make an impact on corporate travel in 2017
6 Jan 2017
BBT has spoken to a number of senior travel buyers from the UK and Europe that have joined the Business Travel Show’s advisory board, which helps shape the content for the upcoming event
6 Jan 2017
It’s no secret that when working in the business world, travel and working away occupies a lot of people’s lives so we have some tips to make sure you you’re making the most of your trip...
3 Jan 2017
Our columnist looks to travel for a modicum of balance in a ‘post-truth’ world
22 Dec 2016
With developments in travel technology advancing at a rapid pace, BBT analyses what new tools are available for disabled travellers
22 Dec 2016
Our buyer shares her experience of procuring and managing ground transport services
22 Dec 2016
Hotel loyalty schemes are growing in importance and popularity, but at what cost to compliance?
22 Dec 2016
What can we expect 2017 to bring the world of business travel? BBT casts the runes...
22 Dec 2016
What affect will new business models have on managed travel
22 Dec 2016
Today’s pace of change means keeping mobile strategy current is a constant challenge
19 Dec 2016
BBT garners the advice of industry experts on building a business case for your travel programme
19 Dec 2016
Travel technology company Amadeus has unveiled its list of travel trends that will have an impact on the industry next year
16 Dec 2016
Regional airports play a vital role in the UK economy, but they are facing several challenges
13 Dec 2016
Can an understanding of philosophy really help your travel programme?
2 Dec 2016
ATPI's chief commercial officer for energy, shipping and offshore, Gary Pearce, looks at how travel managers can gain from the way the energy and offshore sectors deal with tough times...
2 Dec 2016
Whether you’re obliged to report on your carbon emissions to keep the government informed of your performance or helping the environment is one of your company’s values, most businesses today have an interest in reducing the impact their operation has on the environment...