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Serviced Apartments Mark a Paradigm Shift in London’s Hospitality Sector

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Serviced Apartments Mark a Paradigm Shift in London’s Hospitality Sector

LONDON: The rapid expansion of service apartments in London is abetting the growth of the travel sector as never before. According to estimates, London attracts an average 12 million visitors a year in which business travellers were the backbone of the hotel industry.

Economical Alternative

There has been a sea change in London’s hospitality sector with the arrival of serviced apartments and they have firmed up in the hospitality sector as the most economical alternative to expensive hotels. Experts predict that the penetration of serviced apartments or apart hotel will only intensify as far as the space apart hotel sector in London is concerned. Among the London city’s millions of tourists who come with their curiosity on the city long for a hassle-free trip and want all their costs rationally balanced. London’s appeal as one of the most popular commercial hubs in the world and as the seat of globally famous attractions such as the Buckingham Palace, Madam Thussad and London Eye will only enthrall more visitors.

Trade Secret So housing these visitors are no problem as serviced apartments have become a boon for all types of London visitors. They hail in unison that London serviced apartments are a wonderful option for a pleasant stay.  The homely feel from apart hotels London is more in terms of space and freedom.

All kinds of travellers—solo, families, friends, couples, business travellers, medical tourists want accommodation in serviced apartments. They are thrilled with its vast space, modern amenities, cooking facility, privacy and freedom provided at rates much lower than hotels.

Merits of Apart Hotels

People are turning to serviced apartments, or apart hotels for obvious reasons.

Ever Ready: These fully furnished accommodations are easy to move in on a temporary basis.

All Sizes: Singles or Family serviced apartments are equally good. They are available in all sizes – compact studio to spacious villa types. Unlike expensive hotels, apart hotels are reasonably priced. They are equipped with all the necessary appliances so the guests can cook their own meals and save the precious money spent on outside food. Location: Serviced apartments are located in the heart of London - Chelsea, Mayfair, Paddington and Hyde Park area, Knightsbridge Street or others. Most of these apartments are a hop away from the local transport making commuting hassle free. The locations also keep them close to the best shopping centers, cafés, restaurants and bars for a night out or dining out.

Cost Benefit: A hotel offers facilities at higher costs, whereas serviced apartments provide facilities including space, privacy and freedom, and net connectivity at a lesser cost. On any given day a serviced apartment will be 30 percent cheaper than a hotel room. Easy to Find: When it comes to locating a London Space apart Hotel online research is the way to go. Over the Internet, you can find several providers who can help in finding a suitable apartment. With customer-oriented approach, service apartment providers are making life easy for travellers who come to London in big numbers.

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Leased apartment solutions for Short term renting in London

Trying to regulate short term rentals is not a new phenomenon. It has become an international matter as different cities around the world try to maintain a balance between on the one side a rise in tourism coupled with demands for finding alternative types of lodging (to get to live like a local), and on the other side concerned inhabitants who want to maintain residential neighborhoods. 

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