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Travel buyer challenge

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Ralf Squires
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Travel buyer challenge


Here's a challenge. 

You are contacted by a long-term, frequent travelling client who has recently left his employer, but who has the necssary funds to pay for his travel.

He is currently in Hong Kong, but now wants advice on how to reach Ecuador via a non-direct route avoiding countries with existing extradition treaties with the U.S. 

You are aware that you probably won't get the booking - it looks as though he has the means to pay direct with an agent in Hong Kong, but needs expert advice on what to ask for and book. 

What routing would you recommend?


Tom Otley
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Route options

There is a moving map on the Guardian's website estimating where Snowden is - but only if he follows the routing to Cuba - but it looks like he failed to catch that flight.

James Martinez
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Doesn't turn up for a flight

Doesn't turn up for a flight that has been booked for him - sounds like a lot of travellers I know.

When will they learn that going off policy is one of the biggest crimes they can commit.

Second only to - what do they call it in the States - ah yes, treason....

Ralf Squires
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You have to feel sorry for

You have to feel sorry for all those journalists who have flown to Moscow and then got on the flight to Cuba only to find out that 

(a) he isn't on the flight

(b) they aren't serving drinks on the plane.

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