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Travel without ROAMING CHARGES

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Travel without ROAMING CHARGES

Hello friends,

Everybody loves traveling and I too but for every next country you visit you need the another sim to connect to people,to google and all. The better option to get rid of it is to use the global sim which could be very helpful for travellers,businessmen,students etc. Right now I am searching for such global sim option, please help me if have any option.

Pancheska (not verified)
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KeepGo solution
Hi! I just came back from Prague where I used a Data SIM card of KeepGo ( Very satisfied. It was only mobile internet, but I do not need voice as I always use Skype for calls, WhatsApp for sms.. etc. They cover most of countries so I hope it will suite your needs.
Suite Talker
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SIM cards

Is there a product that means you can use local networks cheaply without having to physically change the SIM-card in your phone?

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I read a new article and

I read a new article and heard that roaming will be free all over worl in few months....

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