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Virtual meetings

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Virtual meetings

From telepresence to skype...

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We are thinking of investing
We are thinking of investing in some virtual meeting technology. Has anyone got some experiences they can share about what works and what doesn't? And how to get people to use it? Thanks!
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All you need is a large

All you need is a large screen, a microphone, a teenager (to operate the technology) and a Skype account.

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Virtual meetings can be very

Virtual meetings can be very effective and useful if used in the same country but at the same time they can be a nightmare when dealing with overseas customers. Often sites can crash and there can be connection issues. In my experience it is always best to meet face to face. It can allow you to build a much better relationship with a client or customer. Meetings abroad can be an issue but there are sites like that can arrange venues etc for you. In my eye, face to face meetings are much more beneficial than virtual ones.

tlobo (not verified)
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Virtual Meetings are unavoidable in today's world

Virtual meetings whether one-to-one or one-to-many are unavoidable these days. It is not always possible to fly across the world for a few hours if you have outsourced aspects of your business or use services and partners based in other timezones.

As a company we've used skype (on a daily basis) , joinme & gotomeeting to liase with tech teams, sales teams and partners around the world. And while these may not be the same as face to face meetings, virtual meetings are often more cost-effective and time-saving, and work extremely well in our organisation.

PrasantaShee (not verified)
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R-HUB remote support

We use on premise R-HUB web conferencing servers for all our virtual meeting needs. We prefer it because it is only one time cost as compared to hosted services plus works from behind the firewall, hence better security. Plus works on all platforms viz Windows, MAC, Android, iOS etc.

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