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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

Glossary beginning with B

Baffled by an acronym? Our corporate travel glossary should help clear away misconceptions and have you talking like a pro.
Click one of the letters above to go to the page of all terms beginning with that letter.

Board of Airline Representatives in the UK: The industry association for scheduled airlines undertaking business in the UK. It represents 86 scheduled airlines in the UK in their dealings with government, government departments, regulators and airport operators.


British Air Transport Association is the trade body for UK-registered airlines. The 10 member airlines are: Bmi, British Airways, DHL, Easyjet, Flybe,, Monarch, Thomas Cook, Thomson Airways and Virgin Atlantic.


A system whereby instead of a traveller settling directly with a travel supplier (ie: paying a room bill on departure), the hotel sends the bill directly to the TMC to settle, and is the reimbursed in turn by the corporate client.


Brazil, Russia, India and China - the major emerging economies of the world


Billing and Settlement Plan - a system used by IATA-accredited passenger sales agents to allow the selling, reporting and remittance of air ticket sales


Business Travel Coalition: Founded in 1994, the mission of Business Travel Coalition is to bring transparency to industry and government policies and practices so that customers can influence issues of strategic importance to their organizations (source:


Business Travel and Meetings Show (now the Business Travel Show)


Business Travel Show (formerly the Business Travel and Meetings Show)