Issue 100

Sept/Oct 2019

Welcome to the September/October 2019 issue of BBT.

As you may have spotted from the front cover, this is our 100th issue! Buying Business Travel launched in 2003, and while, for some, 16 years may not seem that long, to put things into perspective, it pre-dates the iPhone.

This special 100th issue is a perfect moment to pause, and look back. Amon Cohen, who has written for BBT for many years, reflects on the evolution of our sector – as well as the publication’s history (p68-72). Then he gets out his crystal ball and peers into the future of travel management and business travel (p104-110).

But what of the present? Dominating today’s news agenda are two topics heavily intertwined with travel: Brexit and carbon emissions. For the latter, travel’s impact on the environment is under scrutiny (p34-35), and sustainability rightly takes centre billing at the BBT Forum on 7 November – see p52 for details.

Then there’s Brexit, and in the coming months travel managers will likely face many new challenges dealing with the fallout, in particular the potential impact on freedom of movement (p30).

If there’s one thing to take away from looking back over 100 issues, it’s that collectively this sector always rises to the occasion. As the ITM’s Scott Davies points out on p154, travel gets into the blood and there’s no shortage of passion and energy from travel buyers when it comes to finding solutions.

On that note – and to echo BBT founding editor Mike Tonybee’s words (p59) – I’d like to say thank you to our readers, as well as our supportive advertisers and brilliant writers, for the journey so far.

-Matthew Parsons, BBT Editor

Plus of course all the regulars: news, reviews and interviews, conference reports, analysis, advice and more.

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