Issue 51

Jul/Aug 2011

MOST OF THE EMAILS that have found their way to my inbox of late have been connected with mobile technology in the travel industry and social networking channels. Everytime I check my emails on the train there appears to be yet another hotel company announcing its new iPhone app, which enables people to find the nearest hotel and book the best available room from their device, or I find a request, from a savvy networker, joining the Buying Business Travel group on LinkedIn.

While all of this technology is helping people to stay connected and plan and book travel on the move, it has also forced travellers into a 24hour corner, and one where the line between work, rest and play has become distinctly blurred.

The advantage is that it does make working life more flexible, but the danger is that we can (and often are expected to) to work all hours.

This raises duty of care issues because it is harder to define when someone is “at work”. And although it is understandable that recently the focus for many has been on cost reduction and control, duty of care (along with CSR in general) has, as a result, taken something of a back seat. Now is the time to ensure that policies take account of the mobile environment and look out for the 24 hour, jetlagged traveller. Don’t wait for something to go wrong, act now.

ON THE SUBJECT of networking, I want to thank all of you who attended our second Summer in the City party, in association with Qatar Airways, with sponsors Expotel and Melia Hotels International. The evening was a great example of how a good old face to face event is the most enjoyable way to meet new contacts and catch up with old friends.

felicity cousins, editor

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