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BBT July/August 2018
July/August 2018
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Travellers endure long delays at European airports

Airport queue

Passengers using major European airports are facing immigration delays of up to four hours due to the introduction of new rules over the peak summer travel season.

Airline association Airlines for Europe (A4E) said that “thousands” of flights have already been delayed because of “understaffed” border controls following the tightening of EU immigration checks within the Schengen zone.

The worst affected airports are in Spain, France, Italy, Belgium and Portugal where delays are running up to four hours. Travellers are being told to particularly expect delays at airports in Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and Milan.

Thomas Reynaert, managing director of A4E, said airline passengers “have become victims of the disproportionate impact that the implementation of a new EU regulation is having on the flow of traffic at European airports”.

“Queuing for up to four hours has been the top record these days; airports like Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Lisbon, Lyon, Paris-Orly, Milan or Brussels are producing shameful pictures of devastated passengers in front of immigration booths, in lines stretching hundreds of metres,” added Reynaert.

“Member states need to take all necessary measures now to prevent such disruptions and deploy appropriate staff and resources in sufficient numbers to carry out the requested checks.”


Why single out Europe? These sorts of queues/lines are a regular occurrence here in the USA. Flying is a 100 times better experience in Europe than it is here in the USA.

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Gregg (not verified)

Hey there...For these reasons Airlines are not Guilty....!!

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DHAOUADI (not verified)

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