British Airways has announced it will launch a new transatlantic ‘Basic’ fare this spring, with tickets including hand baggage allowance only.

BA follows the likes of low-cost carrier Norwegian and fellow legacy carriers Air France and KLM in introducing the fare type.

While exact routes and pricing are not available yet, BA says the fares will be offered from April on “selected transatlantic routes” between Europe and North America with partners American Airlines, Iberia and Finnair. BA, American and Iberia will refer to the ticket option as ‘Basic’, while Finnair will call them ‘Light’.

The low-cost fare option will still offer in-flight meals and soft drinks, in-flight entertainment, headphones and blankets as other Economy tickets do, but passengers will have to pay extra for checked bags if they choose. Customers can still bring one personal item and one larger carry-on bag as with any other fare type.

Basic Economy passengers without priority status will board the plane in the last group, according to American Airlines, and seats will be assigned automatically, though passengers on Basic fares can purchase a specific seat assignment at any point before the flight. American also says customers on Basic fares will not be offered upgrades, regardless of their loyalty status level.

BA says more details of the fare option will be available in due course.

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