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High-risk alerts

IN WHAT IS being claimed as an industry first, Business Travel Direct is offering a free security alert service.

BTD has launched the service in conjunction with QCIC, an independent security consultancy from the engineering sector. It automatically sends a weblink to a country risk overview when a trip to a high-risk destination is booked. There are currently more than 50 countries with a category four or five risk rating, including Russia, Thailand, Nigeria, South Africa, India and Pakistan.

The free report can also be supplemented with paid-for services such as comprehensive country risk assessments, business etiquette and group presentations for staff.

Julie Oliver, BTD's group managing director, said: "On any given day, we are sending over 300 business travellers to category four or five countries and many companies do not have anyone responsible for monitoring the safety of staff while they are abroad.

"This service will help companies to fulfil their duty-of-care obligations."