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Radisson Blu establishes packages for trainers

HOTEL CHAIN RADISSON BLU is launching a series of specialised meetings packages for its UK properties – including for training bookers, and the automotive and pharmaceutical sectors. Firstly, the Trainers’ Club includes an undertaking that the hotel will provide a direct line of contact for the trainer as well as the booker to dedicated meetings and audio-visual managers. For training bookers, Rezidor has launched a companion package called Blu Sky Thinking, highlights of which include flexible terms such as later deadlines for bookings and cancellations. Access to the meeting room the night before is guaranteed, as is a promise to take advance delivery of training materials.

Radisson’s Pharma package places additional emphasis on client confidentiality, such as guaranteeing no other pharma company will be allowed meeting space at the same time. The company has hired a pharma meetings expert to ensure clients book events that are compliant with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry code of practice – the code’s rules limits how much can be spent on entertaining healthcare professionals.

Radisson Blu director Mirelle Brown said: “When hard times come, it becomes paramount that customers feel a greater sense of value for money, but this is often misinterpreted as showering them in discounts and general value-adds. We pride ourselves on not having inflated rack rates, so we don’t offer lots of discounts.”