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Air New Zealand to trial translation technology

Air New Zealand employee using Google Pixel for live translation

Air New Zealand says it will experiment with translation technology using Google’s Pixel smartphone to assist employees and passengers with language barriers.

The airline will enable live translation of 40 languages via Google’s Pixel handset and its wireless Bluetooth headphones. Chief digital officer Avi Golan says the technology will help in situations when multi-lingual employees who speak relevant languages aren’t available.

Staff using the devices will receive live translations through the headphones, while customers will hear responses in their own language through the Pixel’s speaker.

Golan comments: “We operate 30 international destinations and our customers speak an even more diverse range of languages. Google’s Pixel buds could assist in areas such as check-in and boarding, as well as inflight to help our staff communicate effectively with international customers.”


Why not hire staff that speaks different languageand has travel agent experience I example myself speak fluent English HindI Punjabi

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