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ATPI evolves Ticket Window for NDC

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New Distribution Capability (NDC) content from airlines that is currently not available via the GDS channels is now available through ATPI Ticket Window, ATPI’s proprietary fare aggregation system.

ATPI Ticket Window sources fares and availability from both the GDSs and non-GDS platforms and delivers a consolidated view to agent desktops to allow them to choose the best fares.

The latest development allows the system to pull NDC content from airlines’ own channels in addition to content from existing APIs with partners and low-cost carriers.

The TMC recently announced an alliance with NDC-certified Serko and its new booking tool Zeno, which already provides integrated NDC content and capability. ATPI says it is licensed to offer Zeno to new and existing customers in more than 50 countries over the next five years.

ATPI says supplementary fees may apply where NDC fares are sourced and booked outside the traditional GDS channel.

Andrew Waller, CEO of ATPI Group, commented: “Content fragmentation is a challenge that we have continuously innovated to find ways around. NDC is no different. We cannot rely wholly on future GDS NDC solutions and they are still some way off. Our investment in market-leading technology tools and partnerships means that we are able to embrace NDC now, as an opportunity on behalf of our clients.”

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