British passport holders may get their own queue for border control at UK airports after Brexit, according to reports.

It is believed that prime minister Theresa May is planning to intervene over home secretary Sajid Javid’s opposition to the proposal. She could force the Home Office to prepare for the move, which she believes will be a ‘visible benefit’ of Brexit for UK citizens.

Javid is thought to oppose the plan because Home Office research shows a separate queue for British passports would have ‘significant’ cost implications due to higher staffing needs and could also lead to longer wait times due to the volume of UK citizens passing through the current combined EU lane.

Under May’s plan, separate lanes for British passport holders would open at the end of 2020 following the proposed transition period.

The Home Office has yet to comment on the plan. A white paper on immigration after Brexit is due to be published in September, though it is not clear whether the paper will contain details airport border plans.

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