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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

Car-sharing service to launch at Manchester airport

Manchester airport Terminal 2 view from the air traffic control tower

Car-sharing service provider Forestcar is set to launch operations at Manchester airport on 14 January in partnership with Airport Parking and Hotels (APH).

When the service begins, passengers travelling in and out of Manchester airport will have access to free parking and car cleaning by participating in car sharing as an alternative to traditional airport parking.

Forestcar will use the existing car parks of APH and will manage all bookings and delivering services on site.

Vehicles that are rented out through Forestcar are insured and monitored while on the road, as well as cleaned before being returned to their owners, according to the company. Cars are fitted with telematics devices in order for Forestcar to keep track of how and where they are being driven and intervene if renters are not driving responsibly.

Owners who rent their cars through the service receive a share of fees collected and do not have to pay for airport parking, even if their vehicle is not rented while they are away.

Forestcar says car sharing helps tackle climate change by reducing the environmental impact of car production. The company also invests 10 per cent of its profits into planting new trees in rainforests, and customers are also invited to give some of their earnings from rentals to the cause.

CEO Charlie Palmer commented: “We are delighted to be able to introduce car-sharing services to visitors of Manchester airport. By making car sharing safe, we’re allowing airport visitors to turn car parking cost into income, whilst also benefitting the environment.

“At Forestcar we don’t just want to disrupt the rental industry, we want to use sharing as a force for tackling climate change. We want to create a global community of travellers who share their cars and help restore rainforests. And customers can get involved too by choosing to invest some of their earnings in trees.”

Nick Caunter, MD of APH, said: “Forestcar’s successful pilot in Manchester could lead to APH providing these services at its other car parks serving Birmingham and Gatwick airports.”;


So while on holiday we have to worry about some stranger racing our car around, driving up the mileage and denting the paintwork? I thought worrying about the kids having a rave party in the house was enough.

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